Skate Groups & Resources (SGR)

This page is going to be a place where skaters and other extreme sport enthusiasts can get links for:

  • Skate Groups
  • Facebook Groups/Pages
  • Skate Shops
  • Anything else skate related that we would like to share

Mojo Rails, Inc. does not control the information or content provided on or through any links or pages posted here. If you would like your group, webpage, or content listed please email: for more information.

SmileyFace SkateProject –

If you are looking for a no-drama, supportive, knowledgeable group for anything and everything skateboarding, SmileyFace SkateProject is definitely a group you want to be in!

Traveling Skateboarders Group –

With a printed magazine, super supportive community, and people who love to travel with their skateboards, Traveling Skateboarders Group is an amazing page to check out!


*More to come in our efforts to grow the skateboarding community through Mojo Rails, Inc.

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